A long path called Philosopher's Walk stretches between Ginkaku-ji Temple and our final destination for the day, Nanzen-ji Temple. A small stream runs along the path which is blissfully quiet due to the absence of motor vehicles and smaller than usual crowds of people. We found the cute dog sitting at the bottom of a shopping street and, although you will find many cat pictures on these pages, he was just too cute to ignore.

Nanzen-ji is a beautiful site that is full of surprises. I felt like I had wandered into another world when we came upon a curious sort of Roman style aqueduct. It isn't exactly what you expect to see in a heavily forested area full of temples. Another surprise was that although we had been walking for what seemed like hours, and we seemed to be in a rural area, we were only a short distance from a busy street and a subway station.

We had enjoyed our days in Kyoto immensely, and it was sad to say goodbye to Taeko and her sisters.