Sunshine International Aquarium

The rain returned on our first day back in Tokyo after the trip to Kyoto, and the thought of spending another day sloshing around in wet shoes just wasn't appealing. After a terrifying excursion to the Tokyo Wholesale Fish Market, a stop at Tsukiji Hongan-ji temple, and a very wet walk around the charming neighborhood of Tsukudashima, we stopped in a little cafe to decide on our next destination.

As we entered, a family sitting at one of the tables looked up and gasped at us in disbelief. It was obvious that we were well off the usual tourist tracks and that Lisa's Japanese would soon be put to the test. She pondered the menu intently and managed to pick out a few words like "Tuna" while the little old woman who ran the place watched us closely and smiled. Finally she seemed to come to a decision on what we should order, and she kept pointing at something on the menu. Lisa told her we would take two of whatever it was, but the woman indicated that one was enough, and she proceded to prepare a delicious concoction for us on the grill in the center of our table. The whole time she was cooking she was smiling and trying to talk with Lisa. After we had finished eating and we had expressed our appreciation, Lisa went to pay the bill. The woman had her pick a piece of paper out of a jar, and she was presented with a bottle of Anjimoto and a little cookbook. We wandered up the street in the wrong direction, and when we passed the cafe again, there was the woman looking out the window smiling and waving at us. Did I mention that I love Tokyo?

Anyway, during our meal we had decided to set out for an office/shopping/entertainment complex called Sunshine City. Our first stop there was the aquarium which is way up on something like the 20th floor, which seemed somewhat odd. The first thing we saw when we went inside were these huge eels peeking out from the rocks. Here are some pictures from the fish feeding show.

The aquarium also had a curious area called the Zoo-Zoo house where you could walk among an asortment of animals living in close proximity without cages, a seal show, penguins, and large ocean sunfish.