Irchel Park and University

The next day was Sunday. Walt and I wandered the neighborhood in the hope of finding an open coffee shop or bakery, but everything was closed. In her review of the hotel, the crazy cat lady had mentioned a restaurant in the park across the street so we decided to search for that. Irchel University sits on a hill beyond the park so we figured that if we couldn't find the restaurant, there would surely be a cafeteria or at least some vending machines on the campus.

The park was a pleasant place, but it had clearly seen some raucous behavior the night before. Empty bottles and trash littered the walkways, but the place was quiet and deserted now. Sadly, there was no restaurant to be found.

We continued up the hill to the university which was as quiet as the park. There were no students or cafeterias or vending machines, but there was some interesting sculpture. The shelf of books adorns the wall of the library.

We gave up all hope of breakfast and carried on to the top of the hill where there seemed to be some sort of farm facility. After taking some pictures, we wandered back down to meet Jeanette and Morgan and check out of the hotel. We found an open restaurant at the train station so we enjoyed some omlets before heading to our next destination - Konstanz.