Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

The campus wasn't as close to our apartment as we had hoped, but it wasn't too bad - a 30 - 40 minute ride on the subway and a JR train. The subways are pretty easy to figure out after you get over the first rush of culture shock, but the trains are more challenging. There are never any English announcements on the JR trains, and most signs are in Kanji and Katakana.

The campus is quite nice - lots of trees and little garden areas - and plenty of cats hoping for scraps.

Walt was given an office with a comfortable chair. Sometimes when I wanted to work on this web page and I just couldn't face sitting on the hard wooden chair in our apartment, I would hang out in his office enjoying his chair.

Upon arriving at the lab, everyone is expected to place their shoes in a locker and don their slippers. I wonder what OSHA would think about that.