Tokyo Sea Life Park

We decided to venture to Tokyo Sea Life Park for our last weekend excursion. We figured this would be easy to find, because it is on the same train route as Tokyo Disneyland. The aquarium is situated on a flat expanse of land called Kasai Rinkai-koen. Near the aquarium, there is also a huge slow-moving ferris wheel and a bird sanctuary. From the park, there are great views of the city, Tokyo Disneyland, and even Mt. Fuji. We also enjoyed watching the many young children and dogs who were out enjoying a day in the October sunshine.

The picture of the sailboats is shot looking out across the pool of water that surrounds the dome. Areas like the garden of orange flowers in the third row always amaze me. They seem so wild, yet they are obviously planned and nurtured.

The main attraction at the aquarium is the tuna shoal. There are several huge tanks with many varieties ot tuna. This may not sound very exciting, but it is quite entrancing. There is also a very large penguin enclosure with several penguin species.