Nagasaki Night View

Walt and I refer to this day as "The Day of 1000 Steps". First we had conquered the 277 steps at Suwa Shrine. Then there was Glover Gardens which also had a considerable number of steps since it is situated on a hillside. Now we were about to take on Mt. Inasa - a 333 meter high mountain and although we would be taking a ropeway, there were many more steps through Fuchi Shrine to get to the ropeway station.

The ride wasn't exactly pleasant. As many people as possible were crammed into the small car, but I managed to face forward and snap a couple of pictures.

We arrived at the top just as the sun was setting. The views were incredible!

As the sky darkened, the temperature plunged, but we were having too much fun to leave. People began arriving in tourist buses and taxis, but I felt like they had missed the best part - the setting sun. We stayed as long as we could stand the cold, and then headed back to our cosy hotel room.