Japan - November, 2014

As we neared Tokyo on our fifth trip to Japan, a flight attendant announced that they would not be serving hot beverages during the final 45 minutes of the flight. The anticipated turbulence which was the reason for this ominous announcement was probably due to super typhoon Nuri which was threatening to make landfall near Nagoya the next day. Sadly, Nagoya was also our destination.

After a bit of bouncing around, the plane landed smoothly at Narita where we boarded an ANA flight to Nagoya. Their announcements took on a more encouraging tone as they assured us repeatedly that turbulence would not affect the safety of the aircraft. The flight attendants huddled together at the front of the plane and made no effort to distribute beverages of any kind at any temperature.

It was a relief to finally touch down. I had booked a room at a hotel right in the airport, so we gathered our belongings and wandered into the terminal. As we stood in front of a large map pondering which way to go, one of the official volunteers who roam the airport looking for travelers needing assistance introduced himself and then walked with us to the hotel entrance.

I am always amazed by the generosity of the Japanese people. Whenever we are lost and confused, someone will usually appear and ask if we need help. It's one of the things that make going to Japan so special.

In a way, going to Japan is starting to feel like going home because I feel like people there are looking out for me.